Running Away

A Memoir

Running Away - A Memoir

When journalist Robert Andrew Powell finished his first marathon, he cried, cradled in his father’s arms. Long distance runners understand where those tears come from, even if there are others who will never understand what drives someone to run 26.2 consecutive miles in a grueling mental and physical test. Powell’s emotional reaction to completing the race wasn’t just about the run, though. It was also about the joy and relief of coming back up after hitting rock bottom.

Running Away is the story of how one decision can alter the course of a life. Knocked down by a divorce and inspired by his father, Powell decided to change his mindset and circumstances. He moved to Boulder and began running in earnest for the first time in his life. Over the 26.2 chapters that follow, Powell grapples with his past relationships, gaining insight and hard-won discipline that give him hope for the future.

Press & Reviews

I truly enjoyed Running Away, not only because it seemed so real, and was so well written, but I could feel the struggle Robert went through. It’s more than just a book about running. It is one of those few books that you have to read straight through — and don’t want any interference while doing so!

Bill Rodgers, four-time Boston Marathon winner

Powell’s tale is raw, introspective, humorous, and touching. It is the story of his abrupt transformation–via running–from living like a deadbeat to living like a clock, and it hits like an interval session. It will move anyone who has ever found meaning in the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene

As authentic as a hard-fought ten-miler through the bitter cold of winter, Powell’s memoir is an open book, warts and all. Like a transcendent race, Running Away delivers.

Chris Lear, author of Running with the Buffaloes